Welcome to ICPEE 2018/ ICPEE 2018 欢迎您

HKCBEES-EAS is pleased to announce the opening of 2018 2nd International Conference on Power and Energy Engineering (ICPEE 2018), to be held during September 3-5, Xiamen University of Technology, China.

2018年第二届电力与能源工程国际会议将于2018年9月3-5日, 厦门理工学院信息中心召开, HKCBEES-EAS欢迎学术界人士踊跃投稿


ICPEE 2017 has been successfully held in Ottawa, Canada, during September 3-5, 2017. (Click) The aim of the conference is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Environmental and Computer Science to a common forum.
ICPEE 20179月3-5日在加拿大渥太华成功召开。此次会议旨在促进环境科学与计算机科学领域内的交流与合作,为相关研究领域内的专业人士与学者,研究者提供专业的学术交流平台.

Brief Information/简要信息